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    The Future of Virtual Classes

    Get moving with classes that fit your mood!

    • 7 exciting series
    • Pick from tons of classes
    • Passionate and certified instructors
    • Choose a class that works for you at a time that works for you
    • Or join in on one of our scheduled classes

    Cardio Virtual Class Image


    10, 20 AND 30 MINUTES

    This collection presents a fun and energizing series of classes led by expert instructors who guide and encourage members of all fitness levels. Whether the focus is weight loss, stress relief, increased fitness or simply an improvement in energy levels, this collection has a class to suit everyone’s needs.
    Fight Virtual Class Image


    10, 20 AND 30 MINUTES

    From beginners to advanced, this collection has a martial arts workout for every level of experience. The series starts at the very beginning, teaching you the basic techniques required for a safe, effective workout. If you’re more experienced, the Open series will challenge both your skills and your fitness. With experience in a variety of martial arts, the instructors are ready to take you to your limit!
    Dance Virtual Class Image


    5, 10, 20 AND 30 MINUTES

    This series offers members a set of progressive and fun classes. Whether you’re a dance novice or an experienced dancer, learn the moves to a variety of dance routines at a pace that suits you while getting a calorie burning workout in.
    Strength Virtual Class Image


    5, 10, 20 AND 30 MINUTES

    This collection hosts a range of different programs that caters for all levels of fitness across a variety of exciting locations. All classes in this series can be done with bodyweight (no equipment required) or, weight can be added for users wishing to increase the intensity of their workout.
    Pilates Virtual Class Image


    10, 20 AND 30 MINUTES

    This collection has been designed to target a wide range of individual goals. Whether rehabilitation or killer core strength is the focus, these fantastic classes leave you feeling toned, flexible and balanced. This series is generally low impact but can be adjusted as required to achieve the desired level of intensity.
    Yoga Virtual Class Image


    10, 20 AND 30 MINUTES

    This collection has been crafted to release tension from the body and free the mind of stress. All classes are taught at a comfortable pace so that you can learn and enjoy as they progress. These classes are perfect for beginners and experienced yogi’s alike, providing options for those looking to get their heart rate up and break a sweat through to slowing down by following a gentler practice.
    Stretch Virtual Class Image


    5, 10, 20 AND 30 MINUTES

    This collection has been crafted to release tension in the body, lengthen and release muscles and improve mobility. Being flexible and mobile is an integral part of well-being and feeling comfortable in your body.